Posted by: soulonfireart | April 12, 2017


RobinAnother oil sketch from the Renaissance Fair.

Posted by: soulonfireart | March 31, 2017


cherubDrawing for the sheer pleasure of it.

Posted by: soulonfireart | March 22, 2017


artholeAnother portrait. Not from the Fair, this time!  I had an assignment to photograph a couple for Scapegoat Magazine, and this was an outtake.  I was struck by the lines and geometry of this fraction of the frame.

Posted by: soulonfireart | March 13, 2017

Lady MacBeth?

LadyMAnother Renaissance Fair image…….  seen in passing, looks like Lady M is still trying to wash away blood   🙂

Posted by: soulonfireart | March 11, 2017


RiderYet another Renaissance Fair study.  This guy was riding some sort of relay game, and clearly enjoying himself.  This is like Comicons for old-fashioned folk.

Posted by: soulonfireart | March 8, 2017


Trippin'Another study from the Renaissance fair.  A flower girl with a basket of “Sweet William”. I loved the sheer joy she was expressing, and she virtually tripped out of the frame.

Posted by: soulonfireart | February 26, 2017


truantsAnother quick study from the Renaissance Fair.  These ladies had run off from their assigned duties and were giggling over something.

Posted by: soulonfireart | February 13, 2017


expressiveI did a workshop for “Expressive Drawing” over this past weekend. This was one of the assignments – drawing past a confusion….  in charcoal…..  Neither of these are things I would normally do, so it was a very good exercise.  Thanks to Mark Kang O’Higgins for the encouragement.

Posted by: soulonfireart | February 1, 2017


watchI went to a Renaissance Fair and came back with sketches and photos.  Some of them will make their way here.

Posted by: soulonfireart | December 18, 2016

Leda in indigo

mood-indigoHer name isn’t really Leda …  but the picture called for that title, so there it is.

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