Posted by: soulonfireart | December 16, 2020

another life drawing

a simple life drawing to get some skills smoothed out

Posted by: soulonfireart | December 9, 2020

I am Back!

I have been doing medical things for a while……  too long.      But now I am easing back into painting.

Here’s a study of lights and darks, hoping to show some of the uncertainty that sometimes afflicts us.


Posted by: soulonfireart | July 28, 2017

Art Show in Seattle!

I will be the featured artist at Cloud Gallery in Seattle from Aug 10 through Sept 30.  More info including hours and directions and links to follow.

Here is one of the images I will be showing:imaginary frend

Posted by: soulonfireart | April 12, 2017


RobinAnother oil sketch from the Renaissance Fair.

Posted by: soulonfireart | March 31, 2017


cherubDrawing for the sheer pleasure of it.

Posted by: soulonfireart | March 22, 2017


artholeAnother portrait. Not from the Fair, this time!  I had an assignment to photograph a couple for Scapegoat Magazine, and this was an outtake.  I was struck by the lines and geometry of this fraction of the frame.

Posted by: soulonfireart | March 13, 2017

Lady MacBeth?

LadyMAnother Renaissance Fair image…….  seen in passing, looks like Lady M is still trying to wash away blood   🙂

Posted by: soulonfireart | March 11, 2017


RiderYet another Renaissance Fair study.  This guy was riding some sort of relay game, and clearly enjoying himself.  This is like Comicons for old-fashioned folk.

Posted by: soulonfireart | March 8, 2017


Trippin'Another study from the Renaissance fair.  A flower girl with a basket of “Sweet William”. I loved the sheer joy she was expressing, and she virtually tripped out of the frame.

Posted by: soulonfireart | February 26, 2017


truantsAnother quick study from the Renaissance Fair.  These ladies had run off from their assigned duties and were giggling over something.

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