Posted by: soulonfireart | July 2, 2012

Day 52

Market day today! Sold prints and started work on the Auburn Valley Creative Arts “art in the market”. We are doing free drawings for art through the summer! One lucky person each week will take home work from our artists! We got a grant from King County’s “4culture” program to help with this and we are gonna rock! Here is a picture of a Naga, which is a multi-headed water serpent seen all over Thailand as a temple decoration. Because they are made of a soft material (clay? cement?) they decay and are constantly being repaired. You can see them in all states of repair, the armature, the basic structure, the scales going on, the finished product, the slow return to formless building material.


  1. Hello! Thanks for liking my post “Weekly Photo Challenge: FRIENDSHIP”. I love this “water serpent” photography. It’s amazing!
    Kind greetings,

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