Posted by: soulonfireart | July 10, 2012

Day 60

Well, I am still on it. Amazing, in some respects. It is interesting that when you set out to achieve something that requires considerable commitment, all sorts of things crop up that “really need to be done or addressed or solved”. It takes a certain level of ruthlessness to ignore the clamour, the very real needs of the world, and the fears (usually economic, in my case), that would gently steer you off course. How to do it and maintain your own truths without becoming an unpleasant person….. today I worked on a commissioned piece, small, and I will finish it tomorrow. The picture today is of another person who was quite committed – to his gang and his gun! It is a long story, but one day I will put together a small photographic essay on these guys.


  1. It is hard to do what you love, especially when it takes so much time, and yields so little money. Keep doing it, this pic is beautiful in its ugliness.

  2. Yes…PLEASE do the photographic essay. This is an awesome pix.

    • 🙂 Hi Bobbi!

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