Posted by: soulonfireart | October 10, 2012

Day 151

Today marks the beginning of an intermittent (hopefully) new series. The idea is – piss off an artist at your peril. The vehicle I shall use to express my views will be very loosely based on the Hindu concept of deity. As it was explained to me, apologies if I misunderstood, the Hindu pantheon is vast and capable of incorporating all facets of creation and destruction. Thus, the person I was angered by was described to me as a manifestation of Parvati, goddess of dalliance. Well, that can be something wonderful, or not so much, depending on one’s relationship to said dalliance. Seemed to me a good way of making my own statement regarding the person and the actions. So here is the first in a new and preferably short series of drawings on vellum.

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