Posted by: soulonfireart | November 6, 2012

Day 177

Today I made many many labels…. and then some drawing; I have been asked to do another bird+leaves picture, so got that lined up. Then some scanning. This guy was my next door neighbour for some time.This is his chosen self-portrait. His name says it all. With all those beautiful lines and slight distortion of parallels, this is another possible painting.


  1. and his name is..?
    I’m relieved to say that a portrait like this would be most unlikely here.
    Interesting portrait – I tend to get a sense of what he must have been like – a bit intense perhaps (but then who can gauge a person’s persona from a simple photograph?)

    • Surname Toll, called himself “Deth”. Native of North Carolina, I knew him in central Los Angeles. Very intense. Someday I will post the Christmas card photograph I took for him.

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