Posted by: soulonfireart | May 5, 2016

and now for something completely different….

tree6variantsI have been walking a great deal, and have come to know a lot of city trees. I rather like them, and decided to make some portraits. I have made drawings, small ones, using walnut ink that I made myself. The drawing instruments include pencil, Asian brush, hand cut quills, and early 20th century steel nibs. Then I made initial drawings, scanned and printed, and then took the initial drawings forward a stage, repeated the procedure. Currently, a few of them have made it to a third stage. Here is one example.


  1. Nice work! How do you make your walnut ink? It’s a beautiful tone.

    • HiForesterart, I collect black walnuts when they are ripe and fallen, then cook ’em in a crockpot with water to cover. For several hours. Then filter to strain out crud, and check the colour. If it’s too weak then it can be cooked down to the strength that you want. There are other instructions online with variations, but this is the base. I hope you try it 🙂

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