Posted by: soulonfireart | February 13, 2017


expressiveI did a workshop for “Expressive Drawing” over this past weekend. This was one of the assignments – drawing past a confusion….  in charcoal…..  Neither of these are things I would normally do, so it was a very good exercise.  Thanks to Mark Kang O’Higgins for the encouragement.

Posted by: soulonfireart | February 1, 2017


watchI went to a Renaissance Fair and came back with sketches and photos.  Some of them will make their way here.

Posted by: soulonfireart | December 18, 2016

Leda in indigo

mood-indigoHer name isn’t really Leda …  but the picture called for that title, so there it is.

Posted by: soulonfireart | December 11, 2016


squeeThis is a portrait of a guy named Squee.  At least, that’s the name he gave me.  Usually I see him in a crowd and very active, but just this once he sat quiet and watched me as I worked.

Posted by: soulonfireart | November 14, 2016

Holiday Show

treesI have some small pictures in the Gage Holiday Show of small works.  As do many talented artists.  So if you would like to buy very reasonably priced art this season, come check us out!

Posted by: soulonfireart | October 8, 2016

Another Drawing

un-titledA drawing done as a test of a particular paper.  Think I’ll use it more!  There’s something very pleasant in using something as minimal as a single pencil to get a drawing that works.

Posted by: soulonfireart | September 20, 2016

Warrior Saint

warrior-saintThere are many statues on the streets of Paris, and I was particularly struck by this one. So I painted a part of it. The saint was slaying a demon/dragon, but I really was interested in the stance so that’s what I worked on.

Posted by: soulonfireart | September 16, 2016


whatThis particular girl reminded me of that old Toblerone ad.

Posted by: soulonfireart | August 29, 2016


Here is a drawing done in a workshop last week at Gage (thanks Michael Grimaldi).Tom

Posted by: soulonfireart | August 19, 2016

Ab Somnia Mali


(according to my Latin Translator)


It has been a wild summer:  moved my studio, finished up a 7 month course of study, had a small show.  When I surfaced, I discovered that this person had kind of hijacked America. I felt a bit like I had fallen down the rabbit hole.  This drawing was my response.


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