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JerusalemFinally got a decent photo of this painting. (Thanks, Klara). It was intended as a study, but I rather like the sketchy finish and may leave it at this. The title is a reference to William Blake’s poem, and if you look carefully there is a quotation at the bottom of the image.

Posted by: soulonfireart | February 28, 2016


danielleI did a two day workshop, sort of booster shot for life drawing. It was great. Here is one of the drawings I got out of it.

Posted by: soulonfireart | January 17, 2016

At the End of theDay

At the End of the DayA painting taken from a model who wasn’t feeling great. Really depicted the oppression experienced by a friend of mine, who struggles to get through some of her days.

Posted by: soulonfireart | December 13, 2015

learning clay

figure study

figure study

Amazing. Thought I’d hate it. But with a great instructor, I have actually enjoyed roughing in a figure study.

Posted by: soulonfireart | November 23, 2015


LucyAnother older lady, this time in her workshop.

Posted by: soulonfireart | November 22, 2015


IMG_0360Another drawing from life. The model was actually brightly lit, but I worked on it into the evening and the softness of the light around me had considerable influence.

Posted by: soulonfireart | November 17, 2015

Young Nell

Drawing in pastel of a woman who lives in my building. Sitting in the common room at the window. She is known as “young Nell”. Perhaps I’ll catch “old Nell” one day.Young Nell

Posted by: soulonfireart | November 11, 2015

study of hands

hands study1Simple study in pastel/chalk. I like the idea that hands have their own sort of personality and can be a small portrait all on their own.

Posted by: soulonfireart | November 2, 2015


sunlitLoved the way the strong light hit her profile

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Here is a study which I will work up into a painting. The light was interesting – harsh and tight, but mostly swallowed up in all the black drapery.

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